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Tungsten electrode containing 2% lanthanum
  • Tungsten electrode containing 2% lanthanum

    • 【Specification】: 10pcs
    • 【NO RADIOACTIVITY】: The lanthanum in the tungsten electrode is a rare earth element and has no radioactivity hazard.
    • 【APPLICATION】: The lanthanated tungsten electrode is mainly used for DC welding, but it also performs well for AC welding.
    • 【GOOD PERFORMANCE】: Good welding performance.its electric conductivity is most closed to that of 2% Thoriated Tungsten
    • 【START ARC EASILY&DURABLE】: It is easy to start the arc and has the lowest tip temperature. This helps to prevent grain growth and increase the service life. If there is no overload current, the life is longer than thoriated tungsten electrode.