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Food grade transparent silicone tube
  • Food grade transparent silicone tube

    • Food grade silicone rubber, environmentally friendly non-toxic,harmless for health, softness, durable,long service life.
    • Temperature resistance from -60~180 Celsius degree.
    • Low shrinkage, anti-aging, ozone resistance, insulating.
    • Multi-Purpose: Beer Line, Wine Making, Aquaponics, Air Pump and other food production line.
    • 1. Food grade, odorless silicone hose;
      2. This silicone tube is made of imported materials, with excellent flexibility, resistance to kink deformation and high tear strength,
      compared to the traditional two four four vulcanization process silicone tube, this product is non-toxic, high temperature and low temperature resistance,
      long life, long time use does not harden, no discoloration, no blooming and so on.
      3. The product has good physical and mechanical properties, high tear strength, low adhesion to protein, widely used in food production and industrial line.
      4.Excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, UV resistance, no cracking in outdoor use.