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Turn great ideas into reality.

Laser engraving machines for individuals and small businesses

Multiple sizes to

meet your needs

Can engrave 20+ kinds of materials

Easy and safe

to install

Free shipping

What We Offer

Laser engraving machines can help you create stunning works of art and are a favorite creation tool for individual art creators, home enthusiasts, and small businesses. 

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Why Choose TEN-HIGH

Meet any of

your needs

Desktop laser printer with a working range of up to 600mm*900mm, with the option of adding a rotary axis for cylindrical engraving.

Easy Production of

Beautiful Works

TEN-HIGH laser machine can help you create beautiful engraving works, after setting the parameters, just one click to engrave.

Scope of



Customer Service

 Suitable for engraving on most organics or NON-metal materials such as acrylic, Plywood, Density board, Leather, Wood, Double color plate, Glass, Cloth, Bamboo, Paper etc.

To make sure choosing an appropriate machine, before placing order, it’s better to confirm some details with us, such as the main usage of buying the machine, working material, working effect, voltage of your country and any special needs, etc. (For cutting, we suggest to use machine above 60W.)

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